The World's First Internet-Powered Song Learning Software

Now you can harness the power of the internet to make learning songs as easy as "Simon Says!"

Learning Songs On The Piano Has Never Been Easier With Song Tutor.

Yup. That's Right.

With Song Tutor, finding and learning your favorite songs is a web search away.

Just use the built-in browser to find songs on the net. (There's millions of possibilities!)...

...And literally seconds later, the notes and chords will appear magically before your eyes, lit up in multiple colors, ready to be slowed down and explored step-by-step.

Musicians all around the world are using Song Tutor to learn at their own pace in a fun, no-stress way.

Put technology to work for you and start enjoying the song learning process. After all, it's music.  #justplay.

Find Songs Online

Open Them Directly In Built-In Browser or Import Files

Learn your favorite songs as notes light up in slow motion

Song Tutor Is Jam-Packed With Cutting-Edge Features To
Make Song Learning Fun & Easy.

  • single step mode
  • Built- In Song Browsing
  • insta loop Technology
  • 16 Track COntrols
  • Virtual Piano Zoom
  • Key Transposer
  • SpLit-Hand Lighting
  • upload & Share Files
  • Full presentation

Say Hello To Your 24/7 Mentor!

"Song Tutor works around the clock... never charges by the hour... never says 'time's up.'"

Find Your Favorite Song Online

Upload and Practice At Your Own Pace 24/7

Master Your Favorite Songs.

Imagine, you've got a tutor sitting right there with you at your piano whenever you need them. They have the magical ability to teach you anything you've ever wanted to know about music and they're able to teach you all your favorite past time songs or something new you just heard on the radio. 

Regardless of the task at hand, your tutor never fails to deliver results. Their motto is, "If you can find it on Google I can teach it to you"​

Jermaine GriggsFounder, & Song Tutor Inventor

Download FREE Trial Version Now!

Users Around The World Are Experiencing The Power Of
Song Tutor!

We've made learning a group experience.

The share feature makes it easy to upload and pass along midi files with musicians anywhere.

"Makes Song Learning
Fun & Exciting"

This is what Hear & Play students have to say...

Sean Golatt

I got it. This software is POWERFUL!

I got the software and absolutely love it! Now time to find some of my favorite gospel songs in midi files online! Thank You J Griggs!

Debbie Lewing

I’ll be doing concerts soon because of these courses! If not, I’ll go to Russia and become a singer by a different name!

​Get an in depth look at
Song Tutor

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"Something For Everyone"

  • For Students

If you've ever heard an amazing piano player and wish you could wave a magic wand and know exactly what they were playing, Song Tutor is the closest thing to magic you'll find.

It gives you unprecedented access to what's going on in a song. Whether you're using the built-in browser to find renditions of your favorite songs online or downloading professional midi files from our Gospel Music Training Center or other resources, this revolutionary tool unlocks music in ways you can only imagine!

Packed With Features Guaranteed To Take Your
Playing To The Next Level...

Turtle Speed Technology

Slow down songs by up to a whopping 90%! 

Single Step Mode

Freeze each note or chord so you're never guessing.

Key Transposer

Change the key of any song and it will light up in the new key instantly!

Split-Hand Lighting

Split feature shows left hand in one color, right hand in another.

Browser Mode

Conveniently search the net for files that can be instantly played in Song Tutor.

Loop Mode

Easily repeat key parts of a song that you want to focus on.

Virtual Piano Zoom

Expand Song Tutor's virtual keyboard to the perfect size.

16 Track Controls

Supports up to 16 Tracks (mute, solo, and show individual tracks on virtual piano).

Upload and Share

Share and access tons of files from members all around the world.

Advanced Pause Removal

Record a long private lesson, church service, or shed session and automatically detect and remove pauses.

Download Unlimited Songs

There's no limit to what Song Tutor can do! If you can find it on google, Song Tutor can teach it to you!

Highlight Specific Instruments

Make certain instruments or melodies stand out by changing their color.


If you are not absolutely blown away with Song Tutor and its ability to revolutionize your learning and enjoying of the piano, simply e-mail us ([email protected]) or call us at 1-877-856-4187 and we'll refund every cent back to you. This is our Unconditional, 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you're not happy, you don't pay.

Make Your No-Risk Decision Today...

Free Trial Version

"Try Before You Buy." No Credit Card Required. No Obligation.

Available on PC & Mac

  • Unlimited downloads
  • Unlimited use of browser mode
  • Save, upload, and share files
  • Customizable split-hand lighting
  • Instantly downloaded and installed on computer.
  • Slow down songs by 20%
  • Transpose up or down by 2 keys
  • 10 single step freezes at a time
  • 5 looping cycles at a time
  • No virtual piano zooming / enlargement
  • 5 looping cycles at a time
  • No control over individual 16 tracks (mute, solo, show)
  • Test-drive


No credit card required.

Full Version

Purchase License Key For Instant Access. Unlocks All Features.

Available on PC & Mac

  • Unlimited downloads
  • Unlimited use of browser mode
  • Save, upload, and share files
  • Customizable split-hand lighting
  • Instantly downloaded and installed on computer.
  • Slow down songs by 90%
  • Transpose up or down to any key
  • Unlimited single step freezes 
  • Unlimited looping cycles
  • Unlimited virtual piano zooming / enlargement
  • Transpose up or down to any key
  • Mute, solo, show, and color ALL 16 tracks
  • Full power unleashed!


Download Immediately. License Key Sent For Instant Access.
Unlocks All Features.

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More than an audio or midi player, Song Tutor helps you learn and enjoy the piano at your own pace. Use Song Tutor to slow down songs, light up each and every note in various colors, loop specific parts, freeze notes and chords, browse unlimited songs, zoom into the virtual piano, share and access files around the world, and much more!

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