Finally, James Wrubel Reveals His Advanced Jazz Licks & Improvisational Secrets In The Long-Awaited Jazz 301 Program!

What If You Could Peek Over The Shoulders Of One Of The Greatest Jazz Piano Instructors Around? 


Before I introduce you to the course that's literally changing the game for jazz musicians, I want to make sure you're in the right place. Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’ve been struggling to learn jazz on your own, yet still passionate about playing it and finally impressing your friends and family with your newfound abilities...
  • 1
  • You’re not sure if you can learn without an in-person instructor...
  • You’re an experienced musician, yet you want to learn additional techniques that are sure to take your playing to the next level and without a doubt “wow” everyone who hears you play…
  • You are a trained sight reader, have great skill and command of the keys, but very little experience with jazz improvisation...

If you said "YES" to anything listed above, you'll definitely want to keep reading this!



Introducing - JAZZ 301


The 3+ Hour Course That Is Going To EXPLODE Your Piano Playing.


Learn the Secrets To:

  • ​17 lessons of step-by-step instruction on soloing, improvisation, style, and rhythm.
  • The 10 secret strategies the pros use to elevate their playing overnight. 
  • John Coltrane’s infamous chord changes, and how you can use them to reharmonize the 3-6-2-5-1 chord progression.
  • His methods behind the Brazilian Music Rundown and how you can use it to compose patterns that make you want to dance. 
  • Must-have licks to implement over various chords and progressions.
  • And much more.

Don't Take Our Word For It. Check It Out For Yourself.


Take A Sneak Peak At Jazz 301 In Action:

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • part 4

And, That's Just A Sneak Peak. You'll Get 3+ Hours Of Step-By-Step, Over-The-Shoulder Footage. 


Learn how to craft a story every time you improvise.

Easily master minor chord licks that you can apply every time.

Learn the 2-5 chord substitutions that all the masters use.

Use rhythm to take one idea and explode the number of ways you can use it.

Learn a simple trick to add shape to your right-hand lines.

James Wrubel reveals his secret to creating a modern sound.

Learn special tips to focus on singular topics to escalate your growth overnight.

Learn the secret method to adding a world of color to your playing.

Learn how to effortlessly integrate Samba rhythms into your playing today.

Jazz 301 will eventually sell for over $77. But for a limited time, you can get access to this revolutionary 3+ hour training program for just $47.


Plus, When You Claim Your Copy of Jazz 301, You'll Get To Test-Drive The Jazz Intensive Training Center For Free.


1 Month Free-Trial To The Jazz Intensive Training Center

Here's How it Works:

When you claim your copy of Jazz 301, you'll get to test-drive our Jazz Intensive Training Center, also featuring James Wrubel.

The Jazz Intensive Training Center—or JITC as we like to call it around Hear and Play— is for anyone who absolutely loves jazz and wants to get a complete deep dive into multiple genres, techniques, and approaches. This is for people who want to reach a MASTERY level.

You'll enjoy exploring concepts like scales, licks, chords, voicings, upper structures, progressions, and everything you need to know to excel at playing jazz.

The training center is a 12-month step-by-step curriculum and you'll get access to the first month of classes absolutely free.


Not To Mention, When You Accept The 30-Day Trial To The Jazz Intensive Training Center, You'll Receive
Two Amazing Digital Courses Absolutely Free!


Inside Jazz 101, you'll learn how to start playing jazz the right way... from the basic "12-bar blues" pattern to various soloing techniques and strategies. 2 hours.


Inside Jazz 201, we reveal a step-by-step method to soloing, improvising, and playing jazz licks over any chords. 4 hours.


These two courses are normally valued at over $140.00, but today, they're yours absolutely free!


If you decide to stay in the Jazz Intensive Training Center (which lasts 12 months), the monthly tuition is only $25.


Simply try out the Jazz Intensive Training Center for 30 days. If you do not immediately start seeing improvement in your ability to play, or you do not find our training and tutorials to be top-notch, or if you are not 100% satisfied in EVERY way, you can simply cancel your trial in the Jazz Intensive Training Center before the 30 days are up and we'll un-enroll you from the program.

Even if you decide to stay for a couple months, you can choose to un-enroll from the training center at any time in the future. No hassles, no worries, and we'll part as friends no matter what.


Plus, If You Order Now, You'll Receive:

Bonus#1: Song Tutor Trial Version

Song Tutor is your online personal mentor, that allows you to harness the power of the internet to learn any song at your own pace!The software is a piano player’s dream.Notes light up in multiple colors, so you never miss a beat. You’re able to slow songs down up to 90% (what I call turtle speed), giving you the flexibility to play at the speed you you feel comfortable with.And a ton of other features!

Bonus#2: Chord Enyclopedia

The online version of our Chord Encyclopedia which shows you how to play over 144+ chords in every key with real-life photo examples!The chords we're giving you are the same chords that make up all your favorite songs and with this handy reference guide, you'll be able to look up any inversion and the actual fingerings for each chord instantly!

The Chord Encyclopedia is normally valued at $25... but it's yours FREE today!

Act Fast! Claim Your Copy of Jazz 301 & Over $140 In Bonuses With The Jazz Intensive Training Center Now.


Or you can decline your 30-day free trial to the Jazz Intensive Training Center and just proceed with Jazz 301 for $47. You will not receive access to the Jazz Intensive Training Center where the bonus Jazz 101 & Jazz 201  digital courses reside.